Instrumentale Composities

Compositions for Percussion

Editions Beurskens Maasbree (Holland)                     

*Accent Festival              (Drumband)
*Drumtrio                           (Drumband)
*Ritmic Concert               (Drumband)
*Saffra Drums                    (Drumband)
*Swing marching              (Drumband)

*Tromwals            (snare and piano – Claesen/Vanstreels)
*Three and Two  (snare and piano – Claesen/Vanstreels)

*Membra Impressions nr.1  (Percussion Duo)
*Warming up                               (Multi-Percussion Solo)
*Bolero Traversias                    (Mallets and piano)
*Breath of Life                             (Multiple Percussion and Piano)
  Compulsory piece Final examen for Percussion 1991 – Lemmensinstituut Leuven (B)

*Exchange of Thoughts            (Percussion Orchestra – 8 players)

Edition Euprint Heverlee (Belgium)                                         

*Percussion-Album nr.1  (Mallets and Piano)
(Wals in C – Mars in F – Polka in G – Bajon)

Maurer Brussel (Belgium)

*In the style of..Bach  (vibraphone solo)

PM Europe Publications (Belgium)                                          

*On a funky tour        (Drumset and Piano – Willems/Claesen)
*From time to time  (vibraphone and Multiple Percussion)        in preparation
*Plaisanterie               (Multiple Percussion Solo)
(Compulsory work for the Belgian national contest ‘Dexia Classics 2011’)

Intrada Editions Heerenveen (Holland)                               

*Dreams                        (Mixed choir and Vibraphone)

Personal Edition                                                                             

*Impressions             (Percussin Sextet and Saxophone Quintet)
*Syntagma                   (Percussion Septet and Speaking Chorus)